The Dialogue interviews remarkable people By Natascha Moy

Natascha Moy has scoured the country so she can share the lives of the most remarkable men and women with her listeners. It is daunting to know that everyone on social media these days seem to think they are fascinating and courageous but in many cases it is simply smoke and mirrors. On The Dialogue, Natascha explores what makes some men and women truly extraordinary. She shares tales of business and personal courage, stories of loss and sadness as well as moments of joy and success. Each and every guest is truly inspirational and you will leave every story with a feeling of awe and the desire to be remarkable too.
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Apr 5, 2017

Recognised as 'CEO of the Year' by the CEO World Awards and winner of a Gold Stevie award for Female Executive of the Year Sharon Rowland does not do things in halves. In fact if anything she knows how to get to the top of every business she has worked in. Sharon is a force in international business having led the well known finance house Thomson's which bought out Reuters in 2008. She has rubbed shoulders with some of the most dynamic forces in the finance world. Financially successful she banked over US$1.5M one year, Sharon shares that being a woman and making large sums of money is ok, woman should strive for success. Now CEO for ReachLocal a global social media business Sharon spends her time as a super savvy digital marketing specialist and works with a global team to help small businesses punch above their weight. 

Success is sexy and never more so than when coupled with global brands, a dynamic woman and the successful reaching out to make people seek their potential. Great interview by a truly successful woman in the global arena.

Mar 28, 2017

What happens when you follow a man to America for love? You get inspired by Kate Spade and decide to launch your own handbag brand. Sam Wagner did just that. Launching Sambag on a shoestring budget she built her fashion and accessories brand into an iconic Australian brand that has cemented our love of the ballet flat and the fabric handbag. Sam is driven to succeed with a strong work ethic and an understanding that in order to survive in the fashion market you also need to be adaptable. Here passion for beautiful things extend to her homes that she lovingly renovates as well as her businesses. As a single mum she is doing what every woman wants to do and that is find a balance between family, work and play. Listen to my interview with this gorgeous woman to find out how she makes it work.

Mar 6, 2017

Meiron Lees took the high road. The one you often walk alone. From his journey through religion to his success as a financial planner and then his brush with cancer Meiron has been a personal disruptor. Not happy to just agree and carry on, he has questioned everything bringing himself into a place that is often challenging. Hard work, an expansive world view and a book on stress has him sharing his business knowledge and his life journey with corporate businesses and the speaking stage. His honesty is breathtaking and his story inspiring.

Feb 14, 2017
The Life of Lucy Perry from  successful designer to disruptive social impact seeker

Lucy is likable and passionate. You want her at your dinner party and to have your back in business. She is also challenging and refuses to tow the party line. Her decision to go her own way has had positive and negative consequences for her career. As the former CEO for Sunrise Cambodia and Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, she raised impressive donation amounts and shook the charities from their sleepy hollows. Her personality is as electric as her pink hair. You can't help but follow her. 

Lucy ran a successful creative services firm for 20 years before she took on the start-up challenge as founding CEO of a brand new women’s health charity. In less than three years at the helm, Lucy built the team and the communication strategy which raised $7M for a network of hospitals and a midwifery school in Ethiopia. Lucy then moved on to transform Sunrise Cambodia as the charity’s first CEO. The rest will be history.


Feb 7, 2017
The Life of Jean Kittson from Comedienne, Actress to Author, Activist

Listen to my fabulous interview with the remarkable Jean Kittson, funny, intelligent, passionate and authentic. 

I was fortunate enough to be present at an event when Jean Kittson took the mic to share some of her insights about being a woman. Not only did I almost hit the floor with laughter I felt myself feeling so incredibly understood. She is funny, ruthlessly honest and yes remarkable. i loved interviewing Jean because like every remarkable person I have had the pleasure of interviewing she has a perfectly fascinating story and i discovered that nothing is as easy as it looks.

Jean Kittson is an Australian performer, writer and comedian in theatre and print on radio and television. She made her comedy debut at Melbourne’s comedy venue Le Joke in a series of solo performances, and then in the stage version of let The Blood run Free.

She came to national attention on The Big Gig. This was followed by Let the Blood Run Free, Kittson Fahey, the Great Debate series as well as Good News Week, The Glasshouse and The einstein Factor. She is also well known for her lively comedy debates for the ABC, Channel 9 and Channel Ten and was a regular guest on Channel 7's the Morning Show, Channel 9's KAK Show and 20 to One. She has also been a judge on Strictly Speaking and a guest on Talkin' About Your Generation.

Jean Kittson is a regular guest on TGIF, ABC radio 702, Sydney and has been a regular columnist with New Weekly, Sunday Telegraph, the SMH Sydney Magazine, Inspire Magazine, and the Readers Digest Health Smart magazine.

She is the author of Tongue Lashing, published by Penguin.

Jan 24, 2017
The Life of James Stevens from flower shop to Global Roses Only enterprise

Its hard not to know about the brand Roses Only. The beautiful long stemmed roses set the bar for Valentines Day and all the days in between from I love you to I'm sorry. So how did this brand grow so formidable?

James Stevens grew up with immigrant Greek parents who worked tirelessly to give their children the best opportunities. In response James learnt from an early age about the challenges of running a small business at the mercy of landlords and decided that he wanted to change the game. So he took a bold step as his father's business partner and launched a roses brand aimed at men. The rest is history. 

Listen to my fascinating interview with this dynamic businessman and brand builder.

Jan 24, 2017
The life of Babette Bensoussan from an average girl to an awesome woman

Bebette has built her career as an internationally recognised leader in the field of Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Strategy in business and academically. She founded The MindShifts™ Group in 1992, as a leading consulting company specialising in Competitive Intelligence, Strategy and Business Mentoring, in response to the number of organisations looking to interpret the landscape of business and make smarter decisions.

Since then Babette has undertaken 350 projects with Australian and Fortune 500 companies. Utilising skills and principles of CI and Strategic Intelligence she has worked with industries such as aerospace, information technology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and financial services companies.

Babette was appointed a Fellow of SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) in 1997. In 2006, she was the recipient of the SCIP Meritorious Award, and is the first Australian and first international female recipient to be honoured with this award.

The SCIP Meritorious Award is the most prestigious award within the international CI community. Awarded annually, it recognises a single individual for their significant contributions to the CI profession. These contributions are judged in terms of both the advances made within the industry practice and the publicity for CI that has resulted from this person’s achievements.

In recognition of her international awards and endeavours, Babette received the 2006 Alumni Award from Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM).

Listen in to be inspired and motivated by this remarkable woman.

Jan 24, 2017
The Life of Emlyn Scott from the trading floor to capital raising for start ups

Here is a story of a life journey from loss to support, near death to success and the realisation that giving back is the only way forward.

Emlyn Scott loves Business Development. Creating new and exciting businesses, products and services and helping businesses grow. he has over 20 years experience in the finance sector with experience in startups, turnaround situations, SMEs, capital raising, clearing, exchanges, funds management, trading, all across a broad range of financial products and services.

Hi stellar CV includes 4.5 years as CEO of the National Stock Exchange of Australia (, co-founder of CapitalPitch (, co-founder of OpenMarkets Online Trading (, and nine years as head of business development of equities & CFDs at LCH.Clearnet ( in London.

Listen in to be inspired and motivated and for some great tips on raising capital.

Jan 3, 2017
The Life of Garry Browne AM, from CEO to Mountain Climber and Philanthropist

Garry Browne AM

Garry Browne AM is the CEO and Managing Director of Stuart Alexander & Co, an importer, marketer and distributer of premium consumer brands throughout Australasia.

Beginning his career as a sales and marketing graduate trainee at Stuart Alexander & Co, Garry has held several positions within the company including Sales and Marketing Director and National Sales Manager. Garry also spent two years at Sara Lee in Europe in Product Development and Product Management roles.

Promoted to CEO and Managing Director in 1997, Garry is a respected business and industry leader and a master of brand building, successfully introducing numerous international brands to Australia including  Moccona instant coffee, Lindt, Baci and Guylian chocolates, Betty Crocker cake mixes, Homer Hudson ice cream, Tabasco sauce, Stimorol, Hershey’s, Fisherman’s Friend and Mentos.

Delivering retails sales well over $300 million, Garry is an expert in transforming organisations that have lost their way through a combination of cultural change and innovative practices.

A committed philanthropist and advocate of social corporate responsibility, Garry founded the Stuart Alexander’s S’Team Foundation in 2004, donating over $100,000 every year to worthy charitable organisations in Australia. 

Garry currently holds non-executive board roles with the Centre for Social Impact, NSW Procurement Board Industry Advisory Group, Outcomes Australia, Foundation of National Parks and Wildlife, Jewish Communal Appeal. He is a past president of the Food and Beverage Importers Association and of the Rotary Club of Sydney and was Sydney District Governor for Rotary International from 2013-14.

Garry’s significant service to the community was recognised with a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2014.

A truly inspiring interview about the man behind the business. Garry Browne is one of the most accomplished and humble men I have met.



Nov 7, 2016
The life of Elly Bradbury from chaperoning movie stars to surviving loss

Elly Bradbury is a woman of many talents. Her career spans storytelling (film) to working with top celebrities on critical aid ventures around the world. Listing some of her friends as Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra Lee Furness, Rebecca Gibney and Fifi Box Elly has experienced the world of riches and poverty. Working on critical aid projects allowed her to see first hand what the world has to offer in terms of hardship and it was an eye opening experience. She used many of her skills gleaned travelling in marginalised countries when her husband was diagnosed with cancer and she decide to help him fulfill his travel bucket list. Terrified he would not make the trip successfully she had the details down pat taking into account all the possible outcomes. Having spend her career and personal life experiencing pain and suffering Elly knows all too well how important it is to remain grounded and to continue to pursue challenges and keep giving back. An inspiring interview that puts life into perspective.

Oct 5, 2016
The Life of Barry Du Bois from Cancer Survivor to TV Logie Winner

Barry Du Bois is a man of many talents. He started his career as a tradie, working his way up into a successful property developer and today he graces our TV screens as one of Channel 10's favourite reno personalities on The Living Room. 

But it hasn't always been that easy, in fact lots of his journey has been peppered with challenges that most people have never had to face. Barry shares his story from growing up in a fibro house next to a six stack highway to his battle with cancer and his surrogacy journey with wife Leonie.

An awe inspiring interview with one of Australia loved personalities.

Sep 6, 2016
The life of Jan Land from medicine to broadcasting and back again

Articulate, erudite and informed not to mention beautifully styled Jan Land is a woman of intelligence and vision. She was a member of Mensa before she was 10 and enrolled at University at 15 to do medicine. But a sneaky turn of events had her following a broadcasting career that spanned the BBC and the ABC for many years. She was instrumental as the media and technology consultant to the Sydney 2000 Bid Committee as well as being the video communications strategist for Federal Government. Jan pioneered introduction and implementation of digital compression technologies and developed and implemented tele-health applications. Interestingly her first love was always medicine. I think Jan is just a superb achiever and shows us that you can have a balanced life with a top career, children and grandchildren and remain relevant as a woman throughout the entire journey. 

Aug 29, 2016
The Life of Dr Malcolm Linsell from burn victim to plastic surgeon and author

Dr Malcolm Linsell was born into a Salvation Army family who migrated from place to place sharing their passion for giving back. No wonder he became a doctor. As a very young boy he badly burnt his hands on a stove top, little did he know that this painful act would shape his future. Malcolm shares with us his journey from a young boy with a dream to a top plastic surgeon and he talks about why he left medicine to join a commercial cult and how his first love saved him from ruin. Featured on 60 minutes with his biggest success story Wesley, Malcolm includes us in his compelling and heartwarming journey. Look out for his book. "An Ordinary Man, an extraordinary life" by Dr Malcolm Linsell. Published by New Holland.

Aug 23, 2016
The life of Kobi Bokshish from an army jail to award winning hair stylist

Kobi Bokshish offers us a candid look at a life lived with few barriers. Strong willed and determined he fell in love with hairdressing the first time he held the clippers. After emerging from an army jail in Israel Kobi was directionless until he was steered into the army hair salon. He has honed his craft over many years, in many countries and he still loves what he does. As the creative director of large brands he is responsible for emerging trends and helping to push his industry to grow and thrive. But nothing gives him more pleasure than his charity event each year called Hair Raise where he raises money for a number of charities. He is also a passionate industry supporter working with groups on legislation and improving the image of the hairdressing industry. As if this is not enough he is also a partner in an innovative business that has developed an eco-friendly shower head for salons and he is working on initiatives to improve the industry. Warm, funny and brilliant this is a fascinating interview.

Aug 18, 2016
The life of Joan Philips from university student at 14 to psychologist at 22

To say this was an incredible interview on The Dialogue is an understatement. Joan Philips is a celebrated child and family psychologist. She pioneered working with children and families launching successful initiatives in her home country South Africa. Now a young 98 she has a memory that would leave you gasping as well as a beautiful energy and sense of humour. We follow Joan from her childhood town of Bethal where she taught herself to read at 7 through her school career and admittance to University at 14. At the age of 22 after studying in London at the London School of Economics she returned to Johannesburg and set up her practice as a child psychologist. During the apartheid years Joan and her husband fought for equality and justice while both building stellar careers. All I can say is Thank you Joan it was an honour to interview you.

Aug 1, 2016
The Life of Caroline Pidcock Award Winning Sustainable Architect

Award winning Sustainable Architect Caroline Pidcock is a force within the sustainable architectural landscape. Her accolades are impressive, she launched her own firm Pidcock which specialises in sustainable architecture. And she has been instrumental in informing, transforming and educating consumers, students and government bodies on how to create a sustainable environment. Caroline lectures and sits on boards across many different universities and companies and yet is down to earth and realistic. She is an advocate for public transport and is the cofounder of Origination which is actively commercialising a modular prefabricated flatpack building system. Caroline offers a beautiful combination of strength and understanding, of acceptance and humility. She is one of the best people I know.

Jul 25, 2016

Mia Feasey is the owner and founder of Siren Design an award winning commercial interior design firm in Sydney, Singapore and Melbourne. Mia shares her journey from the early years in London to her debut as a girl band member and from mother to world class business owner creating commercial interiors for Google, Lonely Planet and Twitter. Mia shares her successes and failures in this candid interview. Having overcome the challenges of adoption, loss and hormones, Mia is a stand out remarkable woman. Her interview is inspiring.

Jul 24, 2016
The life of Kylie Hammond CEO of the Directors Institute

Kylie loves to learn, in fact she has decided that once the work slows down she will be heading off to Uni to learn as much as she can. As a top recruitment professional who knows what it is like to watch a loved business crash during the GFC, Kylie has turned her talents to recruiting for Board roles. Her business the Directors Institute placed over 2500 Board members in 2015. Her passion for her industry is evident as is her desire to see more women stepping up for Board roles. Kylie takes us from her home town in Perth to her travels and finally landing in Sydney. Through sheer tenacity she has succeed twice and her story will motivate you to never give up.

Jul 24, 2016
The Life of Jan Latta from Successful Businesswoman to Wildlife Crusader

Jan Latta is an accomplished author, photographer, publisher and businesswoman. She has stared danger in the face during her epic travels to photograph endangered wildlife. Jan has published 15 books on endangered animals all illustrated with her own photographs taken around the world. She is an incredible educational crusader, teaching children in schools about endangered animals and how vital they are for our world. Listen to Jan share her incredible life journey and be inspired.

Jun 21, 2016
The Life of Jutka Freiman on the journey from Self to Soul - Psychologist

Jutka Freiman was raised in Bondi by her father, her journey is an eclectic mix of discovery, loss and love.

‘The longing that comes from the soul is a wonderful, virtuous longing and its greases the path to spirituality. The longing that comes from the ego, I think the Buddhists would call ‘desire’ and that’s not so healthy,’ says Jutka Freiman.

Since the mid-1980’s Jutka has guided women on the journey from self to Soul through her ‘Women Journeying’ workshops. A psychotherapist and group facilitator with degrees in psychology and anthropology, Jutka has many strings to her bow. She is an expert in the fields of archetypal psychology, psychodrama, Gestalt, Somatic psychology, art therapy and the Enneagram.

She is wise, deeply creative and an inspiration for any woman wanting to embark on the heroine’s journey.

Jutka Freiman is a psychotherapist and group facilitator. She has a degree in Psychology and Anthropology is a graduate membership of the Bereavement Care Centre, is a supervisor and trainer with the Institute of Group Leaders.

Since the mid ’80s she has worked extensively locally and internationally using Attachment Therapy, Archetypal Psychology, Gestalt, Somatic Psychotherapy,  Psychodrama, Art Therapy, Family Constellations and Enneagram.  She brings to her work a passion for the creative and the collective believing both to be a true expression of the essential being 

Jutka is an internationally certified Enneagram therapist, supervisor and trainer. She is on the teaching team for the (Helen) Palmer Daniels professional training in Australia (ETPT). She also offers comprehensive Enneagram typing sessions for individuals, couples and families.

Jun 20, 2016
The Life of Neale Whitaker from Belle to Vogue to Judging on The Block

On interviewing Neale Whitaker I found myself speaking to a man who is as humble as he is successful. A true professional with all the traits of a remarkable man and none of the BS that comes with success. Neale started his career as a PR agent working with real life Ab Fab Edina, Lynn Franks. It is in this role that he honed his love of publishing and his stellar magazine career as the Editor in Chief of both Belle and Vogue Living has turned him into a publishing darling.

Neale's spot as a judge on The Block on Channel 9 has cemented him as a household name and he has proved to be generous as a judge and mentor. In our interview he chats candidly about gay marriage, confidence and depression. As a style guru and household name Neale offers an insight into a world of beauty and shares his love for his partner David and two dogs Ollie and Otis. This interview, I am proud to say, was one of my career highlights it’s a must listen.

May 31, 2016
The Life of Ronni Kahn from Successful Event Planner to launching OzHarvest

Ronni Kahn is considered a maverick within the Not For Profit sector. From changing legislation to allow her to operate OzHarvest to consulting and speaking internationally she has single handedly changed the way we think about food waste.

In 1994, she became an events planner using her knowledge of flowers, food and business to quickly build Ronni Kahn Event Designs (RKED) into a successful enterprise. 

It was during these events that Ronni became aware of the incredible wastage. She was over-producing food, because the best way to judge if a party was successful was by the amount of leftovers and she kept on throwing away perfectly good food.

Kahn says about $10 billion of food goes to waste every year in Australia, where 2.5 million people, of whom 603,000 are children, "don't have food security". So, in 2004, she started OzHarvest, which every day collects surplus food from delis, takeaways, boardrooms, hotels and restaurants, producers, growers, farmers and fields, and delivers it to more than 585 charities all around Australia. OzHarvest has brought wagyu beef to the poor, and whole salmon, raw and cooked food from the finest restaurants, and even the leftovers from Masterchef and other TV cookery shows.

She has actively lobbied to change the legislation around leftover food and is now consulting to countries around the world. When she launched Oz Harvest Ronni continued working in the catering business and doing very well however it soon became evident that she was needed full time and so now she is a full time member of the team.

Oz Harvest uses the term "For Imapct" rather than charity and they intend to grow the serive into other areas over the next few years.

May 30, 2016

Rachel Smith is remarkable, well in my book incredibly remarkable because is 2014 she chose not to buy anything other than basic necessities. Inspired by her efforts I tried to do this too and I failed after 3 months. She is also according to News Limited one of Australia’s brightest thinkers on the perpetual challenge of urban planning. She is a passionate sustainable advocate and a massive cycling fanatic. She has spoken at more than 200 global conferences, given two TEDx Talks was hand-picked to be part of the international mobile think tank the BMW Guggenheim Lab and developed the world’s first crowd solving bicycle map. Rachel was retained by the UK Government for 6 years as a specialist advisor working with businesses, schools and tourist destinations.

Here awards listed include:
Winning the CIHT BP Road Safety Award
Awarded the AITPM Janet Brash Memorial Scholarship
Nominated for 2015 Queensland Premier’s Award for leadership in sustainability.

And then there is the challenge of breaking the consumer trend when she didn’t buy anything new or 2nd hand during 2014 and saved 38% of her take-home salary.

Rachel is the author of Underspent – How I broke my shopping addiction & buying habit without dramatically changing my life.

May 28, 2016
The Life of Jasmine Batra from Call Centres to Digital Marketing Guru
Jasmine Batra left a successful career in India to immigrate to Australia. She found herself at the bottom working in a call centre. This didn't deter her. Using her experience as a learning curve she soon excelled and learnt all about Australian customer serive and sales. She is now one of Australia’s most respected Digital Marketing Strategists. With an MBA in Marketing and an Honours Degree in Information Technology, Jasmine combines these two disciplines towards delivering marketing solutions which are powered through digital marketing methods and tools.

With an illustrious career spanning from Advertising, Marketing and Project Management, she has developed a sharp acumen in Digital Media including SEO, Google Analytics and Website Conversions.

Leading the way as a digital futurist helping mid-size and large companies understand and navigate the digital landscape and soar new heights. Having worked in digital marketing space for 16 years backed by Honours in Systems Management and MBA in marketing. As the founder-director of one of Australia’s most respected digital marketing agencies Jasmine leads a team of over 20 passionate people working on some of the toughest and challenging projects in the industry.

Combining her passion for Digital marketing with her love of sharing Jasmine is a sought after speaker and media commentator as well as a committed mother and wife. 

May 23, 2016

Cate Sydes was appointed to the position of CEO of Marist Youth Care in 2006. In 2015 she was a finalist in the Telstra Business Women's Award and she has been recognised for her commitment to social justice. As the first woman to head the Marist Youth Care she has been innovative and proactive in providing vulnerable people in poverty with the resources and tools to work towards economic independence.

Cate has held senior management roles in the Australian community services sector working with children and families at a national, state and local level for thirty years. Prior to working with MYC, she was National Manager of the LifeForce Suicide Prevention Program and NSW State Manager Accommodation Services (holding both roles concurrently), with Wesley Mission.

For the past 10 years, Cate Sydes has focussed on building Marist Youth Care into a leading not-for-profit agency helping more than 1,800 of the most disadvantaged young people per year.

Through the introduction of an ever-expanding range of innovative and targetted youth welfare programs, Marist Youth Care provides vulnerable young people in poverty with the resources and tools to work towards economic independence.

"I am proud that I have helped build an organisation that is vibrant, diverse and innovative. Social inclusion is a priority for Marist Youth Care, ensuring that we allow access for all young people who need safety, support, education, training or employment.  We work with those at risk of exclusion from education, young offenders, homeless youth, Aboriginal people, migrants, refugees and young people in transition from care," says Cate.

Landmark programs such as the Aboriginal Trainee Support Worker Program introduced by Cate Sydes 5 years ago have established MYC as the laregest employer and trainer of aboriginal people in Western Sydney. ATSWP has enabled local people to gain skills, qualifications and employment in the community services sector.  In partnership with the local Aboriginal community, MYC trains then employs culturally aware and experienced staff to work with and achieve outstanding results for Aboriginal young people in juvenile justice, foster care, education, training, employment and family support programs.

"Programs like ATSWP provide very real solutions to improving the life chances of vulnerable young people and enable them to be responsible for themselves and take control of their destiny," says Cate.

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